Monday, 23 December 2013

Primordial Puddle (Writer's Quibble Poetry)

This is a poetry piece that was published in The Writer's Quibble. The theme for the issue was origins. Special thanks to Quibble editor Tom Ashton for letting me repost it here. 

In the puddles of amino acids
strings twist and contort.
Life gains form and thought.
The needlework of God, threads the double helix.

They have no eyes, no sense,
just protoplasm and membrane.
Life simple enough to retain
the jelly of all that is to come, all that will die.

In these puddles molecules
click together like puzzle pieces.
Life will spread forth to all reaches.
The universe trembles.


Andrew Krska, 'Primordial Puddles': 

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  1. This is beautiful, in a different sort of way..beautiful!! Thank you very much for sharing. Love your blog.